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Harry Maziar President of Zep Manufacturing Company
Harry Maziar's career as a business leader has been long, successful, and storied. Harry served as the President of Zep Manufacturing Company, a division of National Service Industries, for 27 years.
Petra Velzeboer Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant
Petra Velzeboer is an international keynote speaker, psychotherapist, mental health consultant, executive coach, and podcast host who is dedicated to helping others through developing empathy in the workplace to create stronger connections with our teammates and improve the productivity of our organizations.
Daphne Scott DS Leadership Life
Dr. Daphne Scott is a leadership coach and corporate development expert with more than two decades of experience working with organizations.
Laura Gassner Otting Founder of Limitless Possibility
Laura Gassner Otting is a professional keynote speaker, respected author, and successful entrepreneur. She helps innovators, idealists, and iconoclasts get “unstuck” by providing the extra push they need to achieve extraordinary results.

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