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Justin Kerr Imprint Projects
Justin Kerr describes himself as an “efficiency monster”. He’s also an expert in effective business communication, leadership and management development, and creating a successful workplace environment.
David Quick Helping Bulls Thrive in China Shops
David Quick is a speaker, leadership coach, and CEO who has worked with everyone from single-employee startups to Fortune 100 companies, teaching them to harness the power and passion of their employees.
Cash Keahey Keahey Consulting Group, Inc.
Cash Keahey has become a true expert in leadership types, after spending 23 years working in global Fortune 500 companies and being exposed to many varied corporate cultures and corporate leaders.
Kirsten Bunch Author
Kirsten Bunch is the international best-selling author of the book "Next Act Give Back: Discover Your Personal Path to Go From Being Charitable to Being a Changemaker."

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