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Kelly Hatfield & April Taylor Absolute Advantage
Kelly Hatfield and April Taylor are leaders and entrepreneurs at heart. They believe fully in the power of the ripple effect and the opportunity that each of us has to create meaningful, positive and long-lasting impact in the lives of our teams, our clients and all who we serve.
Eric Kapitulik The Program
Eric Kapitulik was born and raised in Thompson, CT and attended Pomfret Preparatory School where he was a three-sport varsity athlete. Upon graduating, he attended the United States Naval Academy.
Mike Kitko Self-Mastery Coach, Speaker, & Author
Mike Kitko is an Executive Self- Mastery Coach, Speaker, and Author. He found external success in the world through attaining powerful titles, incomes, and material possessions.
Peter Guzzardi Independent Editor and Author
Peter Guzzardi has worked in publishing for more than forty years.

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