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Tristan White Founder and CEO of The Physio Co.
Tristan White is the founder and CEO of The Physio Co., a unique healthcare business focused on delivering exceptional physical therapy for seniors that ranked number one on BRW's list of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work in 2014, and has consistently been placed on the list for ten consecutive years.
Terry A. Smith Lead Pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC)
Terry A. Smith is the Lead Pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC) in West Orange, New Jersey.
Lila Stewart Co-founder of Hari Mari
Lila Stewart is the co-founder of Hari Mari, a high-end flip flop brand sold in stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Zappos, and by hundreds of other retailers as well as through the company's own website.
Steven Griffith Respected Author, Speaker, Researcher, Performance Expert, and a Leading Authority
Steven Griffith is a respected author and speaker, researcher, performance expert, and a leading authority on the connection between time, productivity and performance.

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