March 25, 2020

Lead on All Fronts, with Doug Ward

Episode 216:

Doug is a retired military veteran of over 24 years. During his time in the military, he held numerous leadership positions to include instructor and manager of 500 personnel to Troop Chief of a hand-selected group of special communicators tasked with supporting and deploying into austere environments with Special Operations Forces. Upon retirement, he supported numerous government agencies as a subject matter expert in non-standard communications and as a business development executive. These experiences have enabled him to pass on the knowledge and lessons of leadership under extreme conditions for companies needing management team building. Pulling from his past experience as an executive-level technology leader, he has built numerous successful teams based on building a common vision that is understood and predicated upon impact and purpose.

What You Will Learn:

  • Doug Ward’s leadership journey
  • How Doug tapped into his leadership abilities by observing his peers
  • Why self-awareness is such an important trait for effective leaders to have
  • How to earn your team’s trust from a position of authority
  • How to find a balance between your leadership position with your team and your leadership position with your family
  • How Doug navigated the transition from military to civilian life
  • The steps Doug takes to combat toxicity in a work environment

Ways to contact Doug Ward: