January 10, 2017

Use Every Single Minute Wisely, with Vanessa Kromer

Episode 43:

Vanessa is the CEO and founder of Vanessa Kromer Female Entrepreneur Life and Success Coaching. As a certified life and success coach, Vanessa helps hundreds of women tackle their goals and dream big daily. She is a fashion-forward self-made entrepreneur who loves to motivate and encourage other women to succeed and crush goals. She is a born leader and speaker with an energetic and fun personality!

In addition to individual and group coaching, she uses her coaching skills as the Divisional Merchandise Manager for Chloe + Isabel NYC, where she leads, manages, and trains hundreds of women.

Vanessa has a gift for bringing out the qualities deep inside the women she works with, qualities they did not even know existed. She is known for the ultimate in positive reinforcement, yet transparent coaching. Her genuine care for her clients and her level of professionalism keeps her customers coming back for more.

Vanessa is very involved in ministry and charity work during her free time. She also enjoys styling jewelry.

Vanessa is always seeking new and innovative ways to build her brand, including ways to help encourage other leaders and entrepreneurs.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Vanessa’s background
  • Vanessa’s strategies for effective time management
  • What you can learn from Steven Covey’s time matrix
  • Why it’s more than okay to say no
  • The challenges of getting people to be committed to your business’ vision
  • The resources Vanessa provides to the people that she works with
  • Why passion is so crucial
  • Why you need to be a constant student
  • Why you must give out constant encouragement
  • Why you need to focus on your why (and why this shouldn’t be money)
  • Why you don’t need to take every course
  • Vanessa’s struggles with getting too emotionally involved with clients
  • Why you need someone to keep you accountable

Ways to contact Vanessa: