March 23, 2017

Leadership is Not About You, with Valerie McMurray

Episode 64:

Valerie McMurray, President/CEO of NorthStar Consulting Group, has 25 plus years of human capital management experience with leadership roles in human resources, organizational and leadership development, coaching, and training. She has held strategic HR positions in the financial industries, professional services, manufacturing, and distribution. Valerie has an extensive background in the development of innovative human capital management programs and leading cultural change emphasizing collaboration and effective employee engagement initiatives. As President/CEO of NorthStar Consulting Group, Valerie works with individuals and organizations to expand capability and capacity with innovative human capital management initiatives building on the strengths of clients to move toward their greatest potential. As a board certified executive coach she works with profit and nonprofit leaders and managers to coach them in leadership, professional development, and career transformation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Valerie’s journey
  • The WISE (Women’s Inventory of Success Empowerment) Profile tool and how it can be used by both male and female leaders
  • The lessons of self-awareness Valerie learned from her mentor early in her career
  • Why you can never stop working on your own personal development
  • Why underestimating your own limitations is so crucial
  • Valerie’s daily reflection and planning strategy that keeps her focused on her priorities
  • Why you should think about “how you can be a better…”
  • Why you need to be aware of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you
  • Developing processes to mitigate unconscious biases in the hiring process
  • Why you can’t afford to hire people that are just like you
  • Structuring your interview process so that you come away with the information that you actually need
  • Why you need to understand the individual motivations of every member of your team
  • Why you need to set up an onboarding process and longer success path (30 days to a year, depending on resources) to make sure new hires achieve success
  • Why you should always seek out as much feedback as you can

Ways to contact Valerie: