April 24, 2019

Committing to Culture, with Tristan White

Episode 181:

Tristan White is the founder and CEO of The Physio Co., a unique healthcare business focused on delivering exceptional physical therapy for seniors that ranked number one on BRW’s list of Australia’s 50 Best Places to Work in 2014, and has consistently been placed on the list for ten consecutive years. He is also the author of the book Culture is Everything: The Story, Secrets & Systems of a Startup That Became Australia’s Best Place to Work.

Tristan is a qualified physical therapist who began his career working in a nursing home. He had originally hoped to work in athletic physical therapy, but after his experience at the nursing home he recognized an immediate and urgent need for a service that could help senior citizens stay mobile, safe and happy.

Tristan built his business from the ground up on a foundation of strong culture, and his own experiences have evolved into his “Culture is Everything” system that helps other business leaders develop a world-class culture in their organizations. The four pillars of Tristan’s system can help any business become a great place to work, and that can lead to increased team efficiency, motivation and morale.

One of the primary things that can elevate your business into a great business is its culture. A strong culture and clear values provide many different benefits to an organization, and it is often the starting point for the Ripple Effect that you’ve heard me speak about so many times. But a great culture is more than a plaque on the wall. It’s something that is found deep within the DNA of the business and its leadership.

Tristan White knows the importance of culture. Tristan is the founder and CEO of The Physio Co., an Australian business that helps bring effective physical therapy to elders and helps them maintain their mobility, safety and independence. The Physio Co. has been rated among the best places to work in Australia for ten consecutive years and even topped the list in 2014, and the main reason is its powerful culture and values.

In this episode, Tristan shares why he founded The Physio Co. and why he realized early on that the best way to grow his organization was through culture-focused and values-focused leadership. Through this commitment to culture, Tristan was able to grow his business from a one-person operation to a large and thriving team that is able to deliver over 200,000 consultations every hear.

I hope that you can derive great wisdom from the story Tristan shares during our conversation. His dedication to culture is something that can benefit every business in every industry. By making your culture an inextricable part of your business, you can begin a powerful Ripple Effect of your own. Please enjoy the episode.

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