November 1, 2016

Hire For Attitude, with Travis Snider

Episode 26:

Travis Snider is Co-President of BETS Consulting. He is a successful business coach and consultant focused on creating profit ideas for small business. As the Creator and Lead Instructor of the Small Business Accelerator at Everett Community College, he conducts a ten month workshop and coaching program for experienced business owners.

Travis has developed a collection of “Profit Strategies” of Successful Small Business Owners which guides his profit improvement coaching. This collection includes over 300 profit ideas to “supercharge” any small business. He has created a unique set of assessment tools that allow companies to identify and manage key profit drivers critical to growth.

Travis is a former CPA and partner in local and regional accounting firms. He has served as Chairman and Director of numerous business and social service organizations in the Puget Sound community. Travis writes frequently about growing small business and is a regular speaker on the subject. He received his MBA from Seattle University.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Travis’ background
  • The importance of seeking out coaching, mentorship, and mastermind groups
  • Why you need to have a vision for the future
  • Travis’ relationship with his wife and how they complement each other inside their business
  • Why you shouldn’t make assumptions without vetting them
  • Getting clear on your most important priorities — and acting upon them
  • How to find and hire the right people
  • Hiring for attitude — not skills
  • When is it time to part ways with an employee?
  • The characteristics Travis sees in “A Players”
  • How to keep your “A Players” around
  • What drives millennials
  • How to deal with employees leaving and how to have effective turnover
  • Keeping relevant through constant learning, embracing change, and making it fun

Ways to contact Travis: