July 24, 2019

Finding Clarity in a Chaotic World, with Tommy Baker

Episode 194:

Tommy Baker is a writer, speaker, author, coach, consultant, and the host of the Resist Average Academy. He is the CEO of Tommy Baker Fitness and an entrepreneur who believes in people’s endless potential and whose goal is to help them achieve their purpose and potential. After beginning his career in the financial services sector, Tommy had an awakening during the 2008 economic crash and realized that his life was on a path he didn’t want to follow.

Tommy realized that he was “in it” for the wrong reasons, and so he made major life changes, took on a new mindset, and began a journey of self-discovery and growth that led him to his current work. This clarity and willingness to listen to his own internal voice were transformational for Tommy, pushing him to create the life he truly wanted for himself and achieve his personal and professional goals.

Tommy believes that developing the right mindset is the key to making a change, especially for ambitious and driven high-performing leaders. In his work, Tommy teaches skills related to mindset, intentionality, and emotional intelligence and resilience to create transformation, strengthen leadership and help business leaders and entrepreneurs make a greater impact.

Mindset is such an important factor for strong leadership, and having the right foundation and habits is the key to developing a powerful mindset. However, with a world full of chaos and distractions constantly pulling for our attention, it can be difficult to develop the right practices to strengthen our mindset. It can often be too easy to shrug off meditation or to say we don’t have time for journaling, yet these activities can be transformative tools if we are willing to invest in ourselves.

For this episode of Absolute Advantage, my guest is Tommy Baker. Tommy is a writer, keynote speaker, coach, and author. He is the host of the Resist Average Academy and the companion podcast of the same name, and he is the CEO of Tommy Baker Fitness. His goal is to help empower others by setting them on a more mindful, purpose-driven path. Tommy believes in limitless human potential and in the long-term transformational power of emotional intelligence and emotional resilience.

During the episode, Tommy shares how he realized that his own life was on a path he didn’t want, and he discusses the steps he took to change his mindset. He offers strategies to help you find clarity of purpose, and he explains why clarity is one of the true keys to being a more effective leader or entrepreneur. I hope you are engaged and enlightened by Tommy Baker’s wisdom and that you are able to implement his strategies into your own life.

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