October 2, 2018

No Man is an Island, with Todd Palmer

Episode 156:

Succeeding in business is more than just having a great idea. Todd D. Palmer, CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, found out at the age of 27 what it meant to truly be the leader of a company. After having moderate success early on in his business, he stepped away for six months only to return to find the company riddled with debt and within weeks of total collapse. The hard lessons he learned through that experience shaped how he advises CEO’s and managers of the country’s top organizations.

No one at a weekend dinner party wants to hear about how entrepreneurs can’t make payroll or are in dire need of cash flow.

In this episode, we discussed how small business owners need a community where they are free to celebrate success and admit failure. In doing so, the road to success is dramatically shortened for new businesses and established organizations alike.

It may be okay to “fake it until you make it,” but discover why “imposter syndrome” paralyzes so many business owners. Plus, find out why “finding your why” can dramatically shift the entire roadmap of your organization. Todd Palmer also discusses the importance of hiring for DNA instead of hiring for resume in today’s full employment economy.

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