January 10, 2018

How to Improve Your Workplace Culture, with Stephen Utech

Episode 120:

Steve Utech is the CEO and Founder of Illumyx. Steve is compelled to find meaning in all that he does, cherishing all the highs and lows that life brings. He works to embrace the duality of life, exploring the depth and nuance of the human experience. His background in both the hard sciences and the art of family dynamics inspired him to combine data and compassion as he entered the field of leadership, team and culture development in 2008. An entrepreneur at heart who can’t help but create, he has been spending the past 5 years developing illumyx, finally giving companies a way to objectively measure and improve their workplace culture.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Illumyx: a unique culture analytics tool that allows users to instantly see the strengths of their organization and highlights the challenges that should be addressed
  • Taking negative feedback and using it become better
  • Culture: how you get things done within the walls of your organization
  • Why companies struggle with creating a vision that people can get excited about and communicating it to the team
  • Consistently keeping all members of the team accountable
  • The key traits of a really strong culture
  • How to start/stop/continue feedback show people what they need to focus on to meet the expectations of everyone in the company
  • What it means if you’re struggling to get feedback from your team and what you need to change
  • How Illumyx helps increase employee engagement
  • Avoiding culture clash when entering into a merger
  • How promising things you can’t commit to can be deadly in a merger or acquisition
  • Avoiding making the wrong hire by truly showing your culture — warts and all
  • Bridging the gap between millennials and boomers and the role clear communication plays in that
  • Paying attention to your fear and not falling into the trap of making bad decisions because of it

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