May 9, 2017

It’s Not About Who’s Right — It’s About What’s Right, with Rob Dube

Episode 76:

Rob is President and Co-Founder of imageOne, a Document Lifecycle Management company. Rob’s journey began in ninth grade when he and his current business partner, Joel Pearlman, launched their first business selling blow pop candy out of their school lockers. Rob and his partner realized early on that their passion for delivering an extraordinary customer experience would be key to their success. It is this passion that has become the driving force behind imageOnes success. Rob has completed 14 marathons and is an avid meditator and loves spending time in Northern Michigan with his family and friends.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Out of the basement to 52 employees: how imageOne was built
  • Defining core values: an absolutely crucial exercise for every business
  • Leadership lessons from Ari Weinzweig that shaped how Rob runs imageOne
  • The importance of putting the right person in the right seat when it comes to hiring
  • The challenges Rob has faced scaling salespeople and how he’s met those challenges
  • “What are you doing that’s uncomfortable?”: why you need to regularly ask your team — and yourself — this question
  • Getting out of the office to get feedback from your team
  • Building out your schedule so that you prioritize tasks that help you achieve your goals
  • The huge positive impact meditation can have on your life
  • What Rob does with imageOne: a Document Lifecycle Management company

Ways to contact Rob: