April 18, 2018

Shorten Your Path to Success, with Rob Dube

Episode 134:

My guest today has some surprising ways to tap into his creativity and increase his success.

Today, I’m with Rob Dube and talking to him about his thoughts regarding working smarter and not harder.

What he has to say is not exactly what you might think the owner of a company that Forbes named one of the “Best Small Companies” would say though.

According to Rob — and he has the backing of researching and the fact that leaders all over the world embrace this strategy — that slowing down is the key to unlocking both your creativity and your leadership potential.

Putting away your technology opens up the mind and relieves stress. This is because silence enables the mind to clear away chaotic thoughts and clarity emerges.

Successful business CEOs and all branches of the military practice some form of meditation. If you’re going to become a leader, you have to give your company your full energy and your employees your full presence. If you don’t those that rely on you can feel the disconnect.

How does Rob suggest that you do this in order to be successful? Attend a silent retreat.
Listen to more about Rob’s experiences with silent retreats and how this lead to his newest book “Do Nothing.”

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