December 19, 2018

Billion Dollar Marketing, with Rick Cesari

Episode 166:

Rick Cesari is a branding guru who has worked with Fortune 500 and other major companies such as Clorox, Microsoft, GoPro and The George Foreman Grill to build billion dollar brands through direct response advertising and video marketing. He’s also a celebrated speaker, consultant, and bestselling author. Rick’s upcoming book, “Building Billion Dollar Brands”, was written to put big-brand knowledge into the hands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, and other independent sellers.

Rick’s original plan was to attend dental school, but his career path changed when he took a real estate seminar and his first sale made him $12,000. He transitioned into working with the seminar business and discovered both his innate marketing skills, and the marketing power of direct response videos.

Rick leaned into his newfound talents and used direct response TV marketing to promote the Juiceman® Juice Extractor and the Sonicare® toothbrush. He went on to help redesign and remarket a taco maker device into the George Foreman Grill, and the rest is history. Now he works to teach others the marketing skills and strategies he originally pioneered.


From the Sonicare® toothbrush to The George Foreman Grill, from OxiClean to GoPro cameras, every huge invention got to where it is today through the power of marketing. But how do you take the great idea you had in your garage one day and turn it into a billion dollar brand? That’s easy; the answer is Rick Cesari.

Rick is the marketing guru behind the aforementioned products and many more. Rick was one of the first people to identify the overwhelming potential of direct response advertising, and it was his vision that turned those brands into the easily recognized brand names they are today.

In this episode of Absolute Advantage, Rick shares wisdom from his upcoming book, Building Billion Dollar Brands: Spectacular Successes & Cautionary Tales: The Lure Of Brand Response From Both Sides Of The Marketing Fence. He also discusses how direct response marketing works, what benefits it offers, and what five steps are necessary to turn your marketing into an explosive force.

By understanding what turns potential customers into loyal fans, by knowing how to outsource your marketing efforts to the right partners, and by turning your marketing efforts into a call to action, you can build your own billion dollar brand. Listen to the episode and let wisdom from Rick Cesari’s proven record of success work for you!

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