April 11, 2018

Show Leadership through More Effective Meetings, with Dr. Rick Brinkman

Episode 133:

Are you able to lead effective meetings? Dr. Rick Brinkman is a communications expert who teaches conscious communication for leadership, teamwork, and customer service applications.

As a medical naturopath, Dr. Rick Brinkman discovered that the mental and physical health of his patients were entwined. He brings this knowledge to business communication, creating a holistic approach to information dissemination.

In this episode, we discussed now negativity surrounding meetings can serve as a barrier, preventing the proper retention of information. If your employees resent the meetings they’ve brought into, why should they pay attention?

Yet if you empower people to change the ways in which they meet, you can get better results — sometimes increasing output by up to 25 percent without any additional cost to you. Dr. Brinkman explains that in terms of structure, meetings are divided into four important categories: preparation, processing, people, and time. Mastering all of these leads to effective meetings and effective leadership.

Running bad meetings will eventually lead to a lack of confidence in your leadership, as your employees may doubt your decision-making abilities. Bad meetings waste your time, your employee’s time, and ultimately your company’s time.

Dr. Rick Brinkman offers numerous incredible tips on how to improve your meetings and offers a document — called a “cage rattling document” — for convincing higher level executives.

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