September 18, 2019

The Power of Mentorship and Vulnerability, with Ric Lindberg

Episode 202:

Ric Lindberg is a freelancer who helps global organizations with business intelligence and team development based on coaching, metrics and KPIs. He is a deep technical data-nerd who understand the desire to replace tools and processes for better results, but having worked within business intelligence for 24 years, Ric learned that it’s never about the tool. The path to better and lasting change requires leadership way more than tools.

He’s been podcasting for more than 5 years about self-leadership, focus and relationship building on the show Relationship Power at work and has now turned into a beginner YouTuber helping parents better connect to their computer gamer children.
Ric helps you Connect and Levelup.

By helping businesses harness the power of advanced analytics and team development, Ric Lindberg works with his clients to build a stronger connection between the employees and their work. Lindberg’s process combines a technical background in computers with intra-organizational analysis to create custom strategies based on the unique business problems of each client.

As a freelance consultant, Lindberg has spent years refining the skill of empathic listening which allows him to construct metrics-based solutions with a deep understanding of a business’s functionality. His approach is very data-centric, but software and tools are only a small part of the work he does.

When leaders become more vulnerable and start to understand the worldview of others, it opens a pathway for connection that yields higher productivity and better team chemistry. Ric Lindberg is helping leaders tap into that by eliminating the traditional power dynamic and coaching them to unlock the full extent of their teams’ capabilities.

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