February 13, 2019

The Storyteller, with Rey Ybarra

Episode 171:

Rey Ybarra is a mediapreneur and the author and producer of the multimedia digital book Conversations With Shark Tank Winners, featuring written, audio and video interviews with 14 carefully selected entrepreneurs from the hit television series Shark Tank. He has toured the nation with some of the former contestants with his Sharks & Stripes Conference and Expo, engaging audiences from the main stage of the Small Business Expo, Network After Work, the University of Phoenix School of Business, Broward College School of Business, and the Santa Monica College Entrepreneur Program.

In 2005, Rey was diagnosed with severe and incurable rheumatoid arthritis. As a result of the diagnosis, this year he is launching a program to help other entrepreneurs suffering from the debilitating disease combat the stigma and prejudices associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rey is passionate about the power and inspirational stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Through his work with entrepreneurs and business owners, Rey has had the opportunity to share incredible journeys of perseverance, tenacity and passion; all qualities that can be found in every successful business leader.


Each entrepreneur’s journey is unique, but the passion we feel and the goals we set for ourselves are universal. Every great business started with an idea and a spark of inspiration and spirit, and though the stories may be unique, they’re all connected by the same thread of hard work, passion and a desire to create something incredible.

Rey Ybarra is fascinated by those stories. For the last seven years, he’s been working on an engaging multimedia book project titled Conversations with Shark Tank Winners, in which he interviews contestants from TV’s Shark Tank. In his book, Rey explores the unique and fascinating journey each entrepreneur took that ultimately led to their appearance on the show.

In this episode, Rey shares valuable lessons he learned through those inspirational stories of overcoming hardships and challenges. Rey also tells his own deeply personal and powerful story of transformation, acceptance and motivation after being diagnosed with severe and incurable rheumatoid arthritis, and how that diagnosis led him to develop a program for other entrepreneurs suffering from the painful disease, helping them overcome the associated stigma of their autoimmune disease and its visible effects on their bodies.

These stories of adversity, persistence, dedication and passion will hopefully help you become even more motivated and energized in your own work!

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