March 14, 2017

Show Your Team You Actually Care, with Ray Rasmussen

Episode 61:

Ray is the Managing Principal and leader of The Spur Group, Inc, a business consulting firm. He brings over 30 years of experience to Spur’s consulting business. As the leader of Spur’s communications and operations practices, Ray is responsible for developing and delivering offerings that drive organizational impact and business attainment. Prior to founding The Spur Group, Ray was the Managing Principal of Touch Business Consulting where he grew the business to a nationally recognized consulting firm.

The Spur Group won several awards in 2016 from the likes of Inc Magazine, Consulting Magazine, and Seattle Business Magazine.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ray’s journey
  • Connected communications: how The Spur Group builds marketing and sales materials around difficult and technical topics
  • How to manage rapid change
  • What The Spur Group’s great culture looks like
  • The nine attributes that make up Spur’s “A Players”
  • Spur’s clear career paths, challenging work, and shared profits: how they keep their “A Players”
  • Why Spur’s training program is based on having team members work on their strengths — not their weaknesses
  • Why Spur’s attrition rate is so low — and why they’ll often have people who have left come back
  • Asking your team what they know vs. what they suspect
  • Why you need to constantly assess if you’re focused on what matter
  • The importance of picking the right partners
  • Why you need to say hello to everyone you can in your business every day

Ways to contact Ray: