March 28, 2017

Do It Right From the Beginning, with Randy Karr

Episode 65:

Randy is a Principal at The Spur Group and a leader in executive communications and staffing practices. He has over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry.

He has written internal & external communications, developed presentations & speeches and created communication plans for many executives at clients including Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia and Juniper Networks. In addition to the communications experience, he has led large team projects for the clients I just named as well. Excellent training and management of his teams have led to the development of a practice line of placing highly talented, highly skilled people in fast-paced environments with great results.

The Spur Group has been recognized for its culture and investment in people in magazines such as Seattle Business Magazine for the last three years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Always looking for the beauty in the people you work with, for, and around
  • The lessons of respect Randy learned from his father
  • Why you need to get really clear on your “what” and your “why”
  • How The Spur Group overcame their struggles with scaling
  • What Randy and his team looks for in candidates during the interview process
  • What The Spur Group’s culture looks like
  • Why you need to give candidates a well-rounded view of your business throughout the interview process
  • The week-long paid training program The Spur Group has candidates go through before deciding whether to hire them as employees or not
  • Mentors, Career Managers, and Engagement Managers: the three people each employee is assigned to help aid them in their career at The Spur Group
  • Why you should offer your “A-Players” the opportunity to lead
  • How to prepare for key employees leaving
  • Why you should force employees to answer their own questions
  • Why you need to really focus on getting every engagement right from the beginning
  • The importance of being open and inclusive

Ways to contact Randy: