June 20, 2017

Leverage Your Thought Leadership, with Peter Winick

Episode 87:

Peter Winick is the Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, a company that helps thought leaders turn foundational ideas into thriving businesses. He is an entrepreneurial-minded director who leverages the power of internal and external relationships, accelerating the growth of aspiring thought leaders and exponentially increasing the value of their intellectual property.

For over twenty years, Peter has worked with thought leaders to monetize their content by developing products and solutions applicable to large enterprises. Further, his accomplishments with start-ups, turnarounds, and M&A (in the b2b services sector) have equipped him with the ability to drive results using practical strategy, focused execution, and a disciplined method of cost control.

As an information junkie and avid reader of business books, he is capable of taking great content and creating a platform to best support it through a combination of art, science, logic, focus, passion, and creativity. Peter knows that visionaries, whether speakers, authors, corporate leaders, or just really smart people, need help with moving beyond one-book-one-gig. He’s here to bring you solutions.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What thought leadership is and how to apply your business savvy to leverage it
  • How to stand out in the sea of information available today
  • The most productive way to think about your conversation and what you add to it
  • What elements of thought leadership are the most overlooked and how to use them
  • Why the content you create and the modality you use to get it out matters
  • Where to focus your time and avoid wasting your most precious resource
  • How to find your focus and take advantage of the “age of the long tail”
  • What you need to do to build your content to suit your audience
  • Why becoming a thought leader is so easy today and how to avoid the common pitfalls

Ways to contact Peter: