April 25, 2018

Live the Trifecta of Success, Balance, and Fulfillment, with Paula Brown Stafford and Lisa T. Grimes

Episode 135:

Finding balance in the midst of a successful career is a challenge – and women face unique challenges as they rise up the ranks in business. Paula Brown Stafford and Lisa Grimes know that first hand, so their stories and advice are truly priceless.

In business, you will inevitably face competition – but there is more to advancing and excelling in your career. Mentorship is a huge factor in building on your skills and experience. Learning from someone who went down this path before you can open doors and open your mind to seeing a path more clearly.

Paula Brown Stafford and Lisa Grimes are my guests on Absolute Advantage today, and we had a wonderfully animated conversation. From competing for multi-million dollar contracts 20 years ago, to literally finishing each other’s sentences – the respect Lisa and Paula have for each other really shows through.

What sticks with me is the way they are giving back – offering guidance not just to women in (or on their way to) positions of power, but men too as we all interact together. Respect is the key that provides a way forward for everyone. The book they co-wrote even includes – cleverly I thought – a “Her Perspective” forward and and “His Perspective” forward.

We talked — among many topics — about networking and cultivating your personal brand. These are important elements of building a trifecta of success, balance and fulfillment.

Lisa and Paula also worked with this great juggling metaphor: in life you juggle so much. You have crystal balls, glass balls, rubber balls, plastic balls and lead balls – you’ll just have to listen to find out more! What these two share on this subject is really powerful.

The c-suite and life experience both Lisa and Paula have had brings unique and powerful insights we can all learn from. So if you like the idea of success, balance and fulfillment, our conversation is a great one to get in on.

Thank you for listening today! I appreciate your time so very much.

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