February 27, 2019

The Leadership Ripple Effect, with Paresh Shah

Episode 173:

Paresh Shah is a remarkable person. He is the CEO and co-founder of Lifters, an organization promoting a new model of business leadership that seeks to strength leaders and their teams, promote employee engagement, value diversity, and develop purpose and social responsibility. He is the co-founder and Chief Strategist of the Non-Obvious company, an organization specializing in innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Paresh is a global thought leader, having conducted business in 30 countries across the world. He is a keynote speaker, and has spoken at TedX Hong Kong, SXSW and an extensive list of other impressive venues. His work has been published in Inc. Magazine and Forbes, and he has been recognized by both the United Nations and His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a true force for international peace and compassion. Additionally, Paresh is a trained and respected mindfulness yogi.

A cornerstone of Paresh’s work lies in the belief that business leaders are uniquely positioned to make a lasting, positive impact on their organizations, teams, customers, and communities. Through compassion, mindfulness, and purpose, we can become stronger in every aspect of our lives.


“Lifter Leadership” is a fascinating business leadership model developed by Paresh Shah, that seeks to bring an enlightened attitude of mindfulness, purpose and happiness to organizations, strengthening them from the inside out. Lifter Leadership can apply to everyone in an organization whether they are a part of the C-suite or not. From the CEO to the receptionist, everyone can benefit.

Paresh Shah developed his Lifter Leadership model after integrating his business and engineering background with his meditative philosophies as an experienced yogi. This multifaceted leadership program addresses many of the most common problems found in the existing force-driven and control-oriented model of today.

In this episode, Paresh shares his unique and personal journey and how he came to integrate his engineering background and love of business with his mindfulness training and spiritual philosophies. Paresh discusses how his Lifter Leadership can be a positive force for change in any business.

The ripple effect is a powerful catalyst for touching the lives of those around you, and Paresh Shah’s Lifter Leadership is a fantastic example of the ripple effect at work. Listen to the episode and see how you can invoke the transformative powers of the ripple effect to strengthen your own leadership!

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