June 29, 2017

Become the Best Version of You, with Nitin Chhoda

Episode 90:

Nitin Chhoda is an immigrant who arrived in the US penniless in 2002, in a post 9-11 world. Delivered pizza, slept in his car, and didn’t have money for winter clothes, but always a hustler. Became a licensed physical therapist, entrepreneur, author and public speaker in 2007. Now owns and runs several multi-million dollar companies with 30+ employees worldwide.

He is the author of “Total Activation: The 5 Step Fitness Mantra”. It is a dynamic new approach to weight loss and personal wellness. It is a system modeled in three stages of change: Identity, Compare, Integrate (ICI) which has 5 components: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual (EPSSI).

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How and why to change your relationship with money
  • The truth behind the philosophy of Total Activation
  • Simple steps you can take to find your balance as a business person and human
  • How to get out of a poverty mindset and into a wealth mindset
  • Why it is so important to own only what you need and make your money truly work
  • The value of a horizontal structure in your organization and empowering your people
  • How to activate the best version of yourself
  • What it takes to grow with Eastern and Western philosophies and cultures
  • Why remote teams work and how to find the right people

Ways to contact Nitin: