May 23, 2018

Inspiring Action and Learning to Live Your Life on Monday, with Nikki Lewallen

Episode 139:

Do you know someone who lives for the weekend and hates the thought of Mondays? If so, learn how Nikki Lewallen inspires people to live life for Mondays. She enjoys connecting people and enhancing corporate culture by helping others appreciate their contributions as valued members of their companies.

In this episode, Nikki encourages managers and leadership to discover what motivates staff and how we can inspire them to find deeper meaning in their work. This motivational speaker and philanthropist shares her passion for putting systems in place that allow us to gain valuable feedback. She encourages the use of an assessment tool managed by a third party to encourage higher participation and honest responses.

When we solicit feedback from employees, we must act upon it rather than file it away. We need to do this regularly, perhaps once each quarter. If we plan to inspire action and enhance our corporate culture, we need to reassure those willing to share their opinions that they will be valued, disclosed in a way that assures confidentiality, and will lead to change. We must do more than go through the motions.

Nikki encourages intentional acts of kindness and discusses the value of seeking mentors.

The messages from this podcast should offer inspiration for those throughout the organization.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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