October 10, 2018

Why Investing in Yourself is the Shortest Path to Personal & Professional Prosperity, with Nate Bailey

Episode 157:

Do your inspirational speeches fall flat? Struggling with anemic personal relationships? Debt out of control? Nate Bailey is a personal coach who teaches people how living intentionally expands your horizons and growth potential.

As a real estate and insurance professional, Nate Bailey helped people build financial security. Pursuing his passion for living intentionally, today, Nate helps people push themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

He transforms experiences from the battlefield and personal struggles that shaped his past, into insights that inspire others to lay down their fears and self-inflicted barriers to personal growth.

In this episode, we discuss how having integrity with yourself empowers personal growth and success in every aspect of your life from achieving financial stability to healing relationships and leading a successful business on the short path to prosperity.

Nate explains you must “live what you teach” and push yourself to the limit every day to achieve your full potential.

Want to learn how he went from a 250 pound, out-of-shape, out-of-hope individual to a thriving, inspirational speaker and life coach? Listen to the full episode now!

Thank you for listening today! I appreciate your time so very much.

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