December 18, 2019

Forge Your Own Path to Success and Happiness, with Mike Kitko

Episode 209:

Mike Kitko is an Executive Self- Mastery Coach, Speaker, and Author. He found external success in the world through attaining powerful titles, incomes, and material possessions. His family only focused on material wealth as the primary means of trying to find happiness. He ultimately fell into depression, alcoholism, and the near-collapse of his family before he began a journey of internal happiness. Mike now coaches Executive Leaders to feel as powerful on the inside as they appear to those they lead – which creates a fulfilled person and powerful family.

Early in Mike Kitko’s career, he found himself running from fear, inadequacy, and insecurity no matter what he accomplished. His life was crumbling around him and he struggled to maintain a facade of strength and composure. But when Mike took a step back and sought out a path of authenticity, he no longer felt like an imposter. He became the master of his own life and is now helping other leaders to do the same.

Mike and his wife pulled themselves out of the depths and started living the life they always wanted. But it is important to note the relatively short time frame in which the Kitkos’ transformation took place. We are only one decision away from changing our lives for the better and it starts with identifying everything that serves your vision and cutting out the things that don’t.

Mike Kitko wants to help you create a life of your own dreams, not a life someone else designed. It all starts with an internal journey and the ‘right’ path is the path that suits you! Click here to listen to the episode, and make sure to visit for more content that inspires, encourages and helps you grow and make an impact QUICKLY both professionally and personally.

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