November 15, 2017

The Magic of the “A-Ha!” Moment, with Mike Bundrant

Episode 115:

Mike Bundrant is the founder of iNLP Center. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, IANLP Fellow Trainer and retired psychotherapist (NM). He became a certified NLP practitioner in 1993 by taking a 27-day NLP certification course from Western States Training in Salt Lake City, UT.

Because of NLP, Mike’s been fortunate enough in life to do exactly what he wants. He couldn’t ask for anything more. Mike and Jake Eagle are co-authors of the book published in Japan in 2007 called Holistic NLP.

What takes up most of Mike’s time today is his family. He lives in Murrieta, CA with his wife, Hope, and their children.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The magic of the “a-ha!” moment and why Mike lives to give other people those moments
  • Becoming aware of the choices we make to self-sabotage ourselves
  • Why — if you work hard every day but wind up feeling like garbage — you need to embrace that
  • After you’ve decided to embrace what’s making you feel bad, noting everything that makes you feel that way
  • The Imposter Syndrome: how this ties directly into self-sabotage
  • Why your psychology — and how you act day in and day out — is the biggest part of being a great leader
  • The questions you should ask yourself before having a difficult conversation with one of your team members
  • The importance of a mindfulness practice to keep yourself centered

Ways to contact Mike: