May 29, 2019

Creating Connections and Strengthening Relationships, with Michelle Tillis-Lederman

Episode 186:

Michelle Tillis-Lederman is a recognized speaker, trainer, leadership coach and consultant, and author. She was named by Forbes on their list of “25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.” Through her company, Executive Essentials, Michelle works to help national and global businesses, organizations and individuals build stronger relationships. Michelle has been featured on NBC, CBS, the New York Times, Forbes, Working Mother Magazine and many other high profile publications and news outlets. Prior to her current work, Michelle served as an NYU professor, financial executive and CPA.

Michelle’s newest book, The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact, seeks to help readers learn to more effectively communicate, form and cultivate relationships, and ensure that their voices are heard, through smart strategies and sage advice from more than two dozen experts in the area of communication and relationship-building.

Michelle Tillis-Lederman is truly an expert in the art and science of building better relationships and becoming a Connector, and I hope that you will listen to her wisdom and apply it to your own role as a business leader.

As business leaders, we live and die by our relationships to the people around us. Whether they are our clients, our peers, or the teams we lead, our relationships to the people we work with professionally can either drag us down or elevate our leadership to new levels of success.

I want to introduce you to Michelle Tillis-Lederman. Michelle is an expert in strengthening those key relationships that are so important to our role as business leaders. Through extensive professional experience and research, Michelle has mastered the art of creating, growing and strengthening relationships, and she has helped many high-profile organizations create more successful, impactful and effective teams.

In this week’s episode of Absolute Advantage, Michelle discusses her background in every aspect of the finance industry and her interest in creating stronger connections between members of organizations. She explains why anyone can become a Connector, someone who serves as the catalyst for stronger relationships in everyone around them. She describes the different types of connectors and their various strengths, and she shares tips and strategies for strengthening your own relationships with others and becoming a true Connector.

How to connect with Michelle Tillis-Lederman: