February 23, 2017

Never Stop Learning, with Michele Stuart

Episode 56:

Michele Stuart graduated with a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) from Va. Tech. She has performed improvement projects using Lean/6 Sigma tools, advanced analytics and simulation for 40 years concentrating on Healthcare organizations over the past nine. Since 1994, as President and founder of Efficiency Engineers, she and her staff have been bringing together the expertise and experience of internal teams utilizing the Lean/6 Sigma tools for sustained meaningful change. Whether the organization is a single hospital/physician office or a network of over 20 hospitals, Lean/6 Sigma teams under Michele’s facilitation have not only made the patient experience better, but better the clinical outcomes and the organization work more effectively.

As a Project Management Professional, PMP, Michele also provides expertise in keeping her projects on time and on budget. To ensure that her expertise remains fresh, she also has and continues to teach PM, Lean/6Sigma, and IEOR courses through various universities including Lehigh, Penn State, and DeSales University. Mentorship and expansion of learning are a cornerstone to her management style as well. Customers enjoy the empowerment of expanding their staffs capabilities whenever Efficiency Engineers joins them as a partner in projects.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Michele’s background
  • How Michele learned that she had to bill more of the total project cost up front
  • Why you need to listen to what people are telling you
  • Taking enough time to review information before jumping to conclusions
  • Why Michele runs her business virtually and doesn’t pay her employees on a salary
  • Why you should let employees work when they’re most productive
  • Why it’s easier to replace employees that leave on a project-based business
  • How Michele pushes her employees to think outside the box
  • Why your employees have to be able to give and receive feedback
  • Why you always have to be ready for change in industrial engineering
  • The ongoing problem of masters level students in engineering being primarily foreign students
  • Michele’s presentation at the Society for Healthcare Systems conference in February on the Implementing Electronic Medical Record Systems

Ways to contact Michele: