June 5, 2019

Spending Your Time Wisely, with Matt Sandrini

Episode 187:

Matt Sandrini is a high-performance and business coach, Amazon bestselling author, and an expert in time management and productivity. His coaching helps entrepreneurs find the results they are looking for through clarity, structure and accountability. He helps his clients reduce their stress, improve the productivity of their workday, and get more accomplished in less time.

Matt is the founder of Time Zillionaire, a website and program designed to help entrepreneurs and business leaders cut through the endless minutia we tend to get trapped by, and instead learn to focus on those few activities that will actually benefit our quest for success and happiness. Quick weekly emails provide actionable tips and strategies and offer readers easy access to Matt’s wisdom. Matt is also the author of Invest Your Time: Work Less, Achieve More, Master Your Life, where he outlines many of the strategies he teaches to his clients.

Matt learned early in his own entrepreneurial career to question the value of his time and the activities he was spending it on. When he began his first business, he recognized that he was focusing on the wrong activities and putting in too much time for too little value. That was when he began learning to refocus his priorities and better manage his time, and today he shares those valuable practices and habits he developed for himself with other business leaders and entrepreneurs.

It takes a mix of many different ingredients to find success as a business leader: money, the support of your team, professional and social connections, the list goes on and on. But there is one precious resource that could be said to be more valuable than the others. This particular resource is always in short supply, and there is really no way to get more when you run out. Of course, I’m talking about time. Balancing your time can easily be a constant struggle and source of stress for any business leader. It seems that there are always countless things jostling for your attention, so how do you know where you can best spend this precious resource?

Meet Matt Sandrini. Matt is a business coach, Amazon bestselling author, and a time management expert. Matt believes that the key to finding true success as a business leader or entrepreneur is learning to cut through the static and focus on the activities that truly matter and best contribute to your happiness and success. In his own entrepreneurial career, Matt had to learn to refocus his efforts and make the most of the time available to him, and now he teaches others the valuable skills he developed.

In this episode of Absolute Advantage, Matt shares his strategies for determining where you are spending your time and discovering all the places you are losing it to unhelpful, unnecessary activities. He offers up sensible strategies and insights for maximizing the amount of time available to you and accomplishing as much as possible in as short an amount of time as you can. Your time is incredibly valuable, and I hope you’ll spend a little of it listening to my conversation with Matt Sandrini and learning from his incredible time-saving wisdom!

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