October 4, 2016

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, with Marty Wolff

Episode 18:

Marty Wolff is a serial entrepreneur having started and operated four different businesses. Those businesses were in transportation, retail, management consulting and business/executive coaching.

Marty has been recognized as a Presidents Club member as the leading indirect sales person for Cellular One, the VP of Sales and Marketing in the state of CA for Patrick Media Group, the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for US Foodservice in Baltimore, MD, and the Director of Sales for Reinhart Foodservice of Eastern PA.

As a business coach and consultant Marty has played an important role in the success of large publicly traded companies, some with revenues exceeding $20 billion and with privately owned firms in many different industries.

Marty serves as an executive coach for several CEOs of privately owned companies. In 2012 Marty started the Business Builders Radio Show and Podcast. The show has nationally and internationally recognized speakers, authors and CEOs as guests.

Marty is also the host of Business Leaders Radio, a Northeastern PA based radio show for entrepreneurs, which is a production of Bold Gold Media. Effective March 2016, the Business Builders Show is also doing video interviews at major conferences across America. Combined with Marty’s success as a business/executive coach, the podcasts have created a demand for Marty as a professional speaker, meeting facilitator / emcee and as part of the media teams at major conferences.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Marty’s entrepreneurial journey
  • What freedom looks like to Marty
  • The importance of seeking advice from a number of different sources
  • Why you need to read Ari Weinzweig’s books before you do anything
  • The mentors that Marty has learned from throughout his career
  • The failure that led Marty on his path
  • What you need to think about when scaling your business
  • Why “A Players” are team players
  • What to look for on potential employees’ social media accounts
  • What Marty’s hiring process looks like and techniques he uses to find the right employees
  • The challenges of engaging with your employees in 2016
  • What causes people to leave and how to prevent it
  • Marty’s tips for continual growth
  • Why keeping a routine is so important
  • Why your to-do list needs to be focused on what moves the needle

Ways to contact Marty: