September 5, 2017

Listening to Your Heart, with Linda Raynier

Episode 104:

Linda Raynier CPA, CA, a Career Strategist, Speaker, and Intuitive Purpose Coach who helps experienced professionals to enhance their personal brand so they can pursue careers that they’ll truly enjoy. Formerly a top-performing headhunter in Toronto, Linda has worked with thousands of corporate professionals and has learned what it takes to find and develop a truly fulfilling career. She is establishing herself as a thought leader in the career and professional development space and has a rapidly growing YouTube channel where hundreds of new subscribers are joining on a daily basis to learn her insights on anything career-related, from interview and resume tips to personal branding and confidence-building strategies. Her clients have successfully landed exciting career opportunities within a short time of working with Linda, by executing her unique strategies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Finding your passion and having the courage to pursue it
  • Getting interviews and then successfully obtaining offers
  • Tips and techniques for helping people to build their brand
  • How to sell yourself in a job search and convince others to hire you
  • Avoiding ending up stuck in jobs you don’t like
  • Listening to your heart and following through on what it wants
  • Managing transitions that might be very scary
  • Enjoying everything that you do while doing what matters
  • Conditioning yourself to feel confident and brave in any situation

Ways to contact Linda: