May 1, 2019

Live Limitless, with Laura Gassner Otting

Episode 182:

Laura Gassner Otting is a professional keynote speaker, respected author, and successful entrepreneur. She helps innovators, idealists, and iconoclasts get “unstuck” by providing the extra push they need to achieve extraordinary results.

Laura is the founder of Limitless Possibility and a founding board member of the Boston-based philanthropic group SheGives. Prior to her current work, she served as the founder and president of the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group for more than thirteen years. She also served as a Presidential Appointee in the Clinton White House, helping guide and shape AmeriCorps. Laura is the author of several successful books including Mission Driven and Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector, and her latest book is called Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life.

Laura is a strong believer in not letting others put you in a box and hold you back. She believes that we all have limitless potential within ourselves to set our own definition of success and then achieve that success by breaking through walls and finding our own path through life. Limiting thoughts, whether from ourselves or others, have no place in Laura’s philosophy. She truly believes that self-empowerment is the key to unlocking our true potential and becoming limitless.

All of us have certain limits and expectations placed upon us from the time we come into this world. Whether it’s the parent that pushes us to go to medical school, or the teacher who tells us we aren’t capable, or the well-intentioned family member who warns us against pursuing our dreams, outside pressures are a constant anchor that too often weighs us down.

Laura Gassner Otting wants to free us from that weight. Laura is a professional keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur who believes in the hidden potential present in every person. Laura believes in helping people achieve consonance, the state of aligning what they do with who they are. Through her four C’s (calling, connection, contribution, control), Laura helps people break through their limits and achieve success, no matter how they define it for themselves.

In this episode, Laura discusses her career journey and shares how she “accidentally” became a keynote speaker. She shares strategies and insights from her new book, Limitless, with the goal of helping her readers get “unstuck” from the roadblocks they face and break through to a new level of success, prosperity and empowerment. She teaches people that success is not a list of boxes someone else creates for you to check off, success is however you define it.

As business leaders, from time to time we can all use a reminder that our limitations are illusions and that our goals are within our reach. I hope you’ll listen to the episode and share in Laura Gassner Otting’s remarkable wisdom.

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