October 27, 2016

Be As Efficient As You Can in the Shortest Time Possible, with Kristin Marquet

Episode 25:

Kristin Marquet is the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency (formerly award-winning firm, Marquet Media). She oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency as well as directs all client accounts and projects. Kristin also develops, manages, and implements various internal and external communication and social media initiatives. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful internal and external communication programs across all media platforms.

Kristin has forged successful partnerships with celebrity fashion designer and correspondent NV Nick Verreos; womens wear designer Yunes Swathe; Vancouver Fashion Week; prestige hair care brand Briogeo; French accessory designer Mona Roussette; and many more. She has generated media placements in Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Seventeen and Lucky magazines, Glam.com, and countless other outlets.

Kristin holds a master’s degree in marketing and PR from New York University, and is also a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and NYDailyNews.com. She is also the founder of the business blog LifestyleandBusiness.com and lifestyle tech startup, TheLABDaily.com.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Kristin’s background and journey
  • What you need to figure out before you start hiring employees
  • Kristin’s story of how losing a big piece of business led to a bigger, better opportunity
  • The mentorship lessons Kristin took from her father
  • How Kristin learned to let go and start delegating effectively
  • How she finds and hires people
  • Looking at your company from your hire’s perspective
  • What “A Players” look like to Kristin
  • How to nurture your employees so that they stick around
  • Leading yourself through focus and time blocking
  • Why prioritization is so important
  • Kristin’s brand coaching packages

Ways to contact Kristin: