November 7, 2018

How to Become a Superhero in Your Community, with Kirsten Bunch

Episode 161:

Kirsten Bunch spent the first twenty years of her career working for international non-profit organizations in ten different countries, and now she works to empower others to make their own positive mark on the world.

Kirsten has contributed to such diverse projects as helping impoverished people get eye glasses, helping to remove lead from pottery in Mexico, and assisting the Rainforest Alliance in their work. Kirsten has been an expert fundraiser, raising over $20 million in donations throughout her career.

Today, Kirsten works tirelessly to help others get involved in action they believe in through her Women’s Changemaker Mentorship program, empowering women to create positive changes in their communities. Kirsten is also the international best-selling author of the book Next Act Give Back: Discover Your Personal Path to Go From Being Charitable to Being a Changemaker.


Do you believe passionately that the world can be a better place? Have you ever recognized a problem in your community that nobody else was addressing effectively? Have you wanted to help, but weren’t sure how to get started? Allow me to introduce you to Kirsten Bunch.

Kirsten has spent her career working with and fundraising for global non-profit organizations, and now she works to help other women get involved in impactful ways beyond making a charitable donation. Kirsten believes that women can be superheroes in their communities, and she helps them turn their skills and ideas into tangible action that can improve the world around them.

In this episode, Kirsten shares her inspiring journey of working for non-profit organizations all over the globe and starting her mentorship program, helping women take the first steps toward getting involved in a hands-on way. Believing in yourself and your own potential is the key to giving your ideas form and becoming a catalyst for change. Too many great ideas fall to the wayside because people doubt themselves or feel powerless, but Kirsten believes that the important thing is to take those first steps without fear.

We all need more inspiration, compassion, and joy in our lives. Listen to this episode and learn how you can change the world around you!

Ways to contact Kirsten:

Text the word “change” to 36260 to download Kirsten’s app, where you can learn more about her mentorship program, purchase her book, and find her contact information.