June 20, 2018

Become an Ace and Soar as a Leader, with Ken Pasch

Episode 143:

Ken Pasch won the lottery decades ago, the draft lottery that took him to the jungles of Vietnam. After returning from his service in the army, he pondered how successful organizations get off the ground and reach their destination.

The author of the recently published On Course: Become a Great Leader and Soar likened the process to that of an airplane. Choose a destination, prepare to get there, and watch out for winds of resistance that might take you off course and forces that might drag you down.

In this episode, Ken Pasch discusses some of the themes from his book. He reminds us that leaders must possess a proper mindset and be aware of the impacts their actions have on others. He tells us that we should become an “ACE.” The “A” stands for the abundance in leadership we should exhibit. The “C” refers to the concentration we must focus upon our priorities, while the “E” reminds us to pursue our passion and purpose earnestly.

Effective leaders bring about change through their mindsets, efforts, and willingness to accept feedback.

They ensure that their firms have an excellent onboarding process in place that sets people up for success and establishes the best tone. Throughout this podcast, Ken Pasch shares a wealth of helpful advice about the value that high-quality leadership brings to an organization.

Please enjoy this program!

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