August 10, 2016

Improving Retention Rate and Decreasing Turnover, with Kelly Hatfield and April Taylor

Episode 2:

Kelly Hatfield is co-founder of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group, Enginuity Virtual Recruiter and Impact Real Estate Real Estate Group based in Everett, Washington. She has been in the recruiting and HR field for over 20-years and loves serving others. Kelly and her business partner have built three successful companies with the purpose of helping others succeed and delivering remarkable results. Kelly and her team strategically align themselves as “The Partner of Choice” with clients and strive to be the first place clients call when they are looking for extraordinary service, quality, and reliability. The result outcome has been an outstanding referral network that has built and continues to build their companies.

As Co-Founder and Owner of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group and Enginuity Virtual Recruiter, April (together with her amazing partner) has created and developed three successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with the top organizations. With 17 years in the human resources and staffing realm, April has experience, knowledge and a love for people and aims to offer solutions to all who are served. Being a natural problem solver, she prides herself on developing and leading a team of recruiting professionals whose mission is focused on connecting people to opportunity. Through creative and exhaustive methods, the Enginuity Group successfully matches the right talent with the right businesses each and every day.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Our recent experience speaking with a company that had a high employee turnover rate
  • Why hiding major leadership change creates an environment of fear that leads to people making their own inaccurate assumptions
  • How to show employees that they are valued when increasing pay is not an option
  • Why your employees need to know what your expectations for them are
  • Why you need to be careful when promoting employees into new roles
  • Our recommendations to the company

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  • Book by David Mammano: “Make Love in the Workplace”