September 20, 2016

Stay Absolutely Focused on Your Results, with Kathy Northrop

Episode 14:

Kathy Northrup is the Owner of a top-ranked State Farm Agency located in Everett, WA. Her firm has been acknowledged repeatedly over the years ranked number one in production in our 6 state area and in the top 100 of 17,000 agents company wide. They have received lots of rewards over the past 35 years, but what matters most to Kathy is helping one client, one family at a time, achieve financial success and avoid financial loss. She has a passion for serving others and her success is directly attributed to that.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Kathy’s career journey and how she ended up in insurance
  • Why the most important element of your business is your people and how to get those people
  • The leadership lessons Kathy learned from her dad
  • A recent experience where Kathy had to make the decision to abandon a goal she had worked hard to achieve
  • The biggest challenge Kathy has found in scaling her business
  • Why a great attitude is the #1 most important factor of “A Players”
  • The challenge of scaling in insurance
  • How to find great employees
  • Kathy’s onboarding process
  • What Kathy give her employees to keep them from leaving
  • What to do when a key employee leaves
  • Why you need to constantly be improving yourself in order to be an effective leader
  • Three strategies for maximizing productivity

Ways to contact Kathy: