March 6, 2019

Training Your Subconscious to Unlimit Your Beliefs, with Karen Brown

Episode 174:

Karen Brown is an executive-level business and leadership coach, motivational speaker, author, and CEO. Her company, Velocity Leadership Consulting, brings exceptional leadership training to the C-suite with their high performance results-driven methods.

Karen knows a lot about performance. For almost thirty years, she dreamed of competing in the Ironman World Championships triathlon. Her internal voice kept telling her she couldn’t hope to compete, and so she continually set her dream aside… until the day she overcame her own limiting beliefs and challenged herself. She hired a coach and began training in earnest, and through passion and tenacity she crossed the finish line two years after she started her training.

In her journey from recreational athlete to world-class competitor, Karen was able to transform her limiting beliefs into “unlimiting beliefs” and unleash her potential by tapping into her subconscious mind. This became the foundation of Karen’s book, Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life; Told Through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World.


What are you capable of? Do you know your own limitations, or do you believe you can break through them and achieve the seemingly impossible? How much does your internal monologue hold you back? Is that little internal voice helping you, or hindering you?

Karen Brown allowed her little voice in her head to hold her back, through limiting beliefs about herself and her capabilities. Karen’s business career was on a great trajectory but she kept finding herself wondering if she was capable of more. Watching the Ironman triathlon was profound for Karen, and she had a burning desire to become a competitor herself. But, as her little voice reminded her, surely she couldn’t hope to race against world-class athletes…

After 28 years of listening to her internal voice tell her she couldn’t, Karen had enough. She stepped out of her comfort zone, hired a coach to help her go from recreational athlete to true competitor, began tapping into her subconscious mind to change her internal voice, and turned her limiting beliefs into “unlimiting beliefs”. And two years later, she was crossing the finish line of the Ironman triathlon.

In this episode, Karen gives us a firsthand account of how she conquered her limiting beliefs and ultimately did the thing she had once thought impossible. She explains the control our subconscious minds have over us, and she outlines how she reprogrammed her little internal voice to support instead of hinder. I hope you’ll listen to Karen’s awe-inspiring journey of physical and emotional self-awareness and allow it to help you conquer your own “I could never do that” limiting beliefs!

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