September 4, 2019

Success Through Selfless Service, with Jonathan Keyser

Episode 200:

Jonathan Keyser is the founder and thought leader behind Keyser, the largest tenant rep commercial real estate brokerage/consulting firm in Arizona. Through his disruptive focus on selfless service, Jonathan is re-shaping the commercial real estate industry, and his firm has quickly become one of the fastest-growing CRE firms in the country, representing companies globally across multiple industries.

Jonathan is thrilled to share his journey and mission of selfless service through his highly-anticipated book, You Dont Have to Be Ruthless to Win (hitting bookshelves in mid 2019). A strong supporter of the Conscious Capitalism movement, Jonathan is eagerly working toward the upcoming launch of The Keyser Institute to inspire and equip the next generation of selfless leaders. Jonathan is passionate about helping and empowering others, and has been involved in many different executive and nonprofit organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix and several business leadership organizations in Arizona. He is also spearheading an initiative to connect Arizona business leaders, alongside Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (

On the personal side, Jonathan prioritizes family. He is a loving and devoted father to wife and four children. Jonathan is extremely committed to personal development and self-improvement, and he stays active with mountain/water sports, spin, and hiking.

With a background that instilled concrete values and a strong moral compass, Jonathan Keyser had a difficult decision to make when he entered the world of commercial real estate. It wasn’t necessarily that Keyser had ill will, he just didn’t know how else to succeed in that industry other than to become a ruthless prick. After years of clawing his way up the food chain with one self-serving act after another, Keyser eventually attended a conference that flipped his perspective on building relationships by revealing the success that can result from helping people.

Keyser is not hustling an instant-gratification, get-rich-quick scheme. His methodology focuses on creating long-term, sustainable success by nurturing relationships through selfless service. It was a grueling transition for him to make, but Keyser is a completely different person now. He is the founder of a commercial real estate brokerage that is built on the principle of succeeding by helping others succeed, and he trains all of his team members to live out that value in all facets of their lives.

In this episode of the Absolute Advantage podcast, Jonathan Keyser joins host Kelly Hatfield to share his journey and discuss the challenges and successes he experienced on the path of selfless service. Keyser breaks down his philosophy and highlights all of the key principles that business leaders can follow to reach a higher level of happiness and success. Click here to listen to the episode, and make sure to visit for more informative episodes about pushing the boundaries of your leadership potential.

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