September 27, 2017

Being a CEO Doesn’t Mean You Have Leadership Skills, with Jon Dwoskin

Episode 108:

Jon Dwoskin is an executive advisor, business coach, and motivational speaker who’s been called the business whisperer for his skilled and compassionate insights into what can keep a corporate culture from thriving. At age 23, he created one of the first internet marketing companies in America, then went on to great success at several national commercial real estate firms.

Jon has built, trained, expanded and restructured both sales teams and corporate structures, but after 20 years in a C-suite, knew it was time to make a business out of being himself. The Jon Dwoskin Experience teaches the secrets, hard work and discipline required to Think Big. Very Big! A prolific business blogger, Jon is the author of The Think Big Movement, a business fable about getting unstuck and transforming a business.

A 15-year cancer survivor, he lives with his wife and two children in Michigan, where he is active in community organizations. Jon has been included in the prestigious Crains Detroit Business 40 Under 40 list and named Alumnus of the Year by Eastern Michigan University, where he double majored in economics and journalism.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jon’s career path and why he decided to leave the C-suite to become an entrepreneur
  • Advice Jon has for people contemplating a similar switch
  • Why you need to write your vision in a journal every single day
  • Keeping your ego in check as a leader
  • Focusing on leadership skills, influence, and communication
  • Why the biggest challenge for companies is that they have the wrong people in the wrong jobs and what they need to do about it
  • Never settling on the wrong hire
  • How to know when you’re stuck as a leader and what you can do about it
  • Thinking big: doing small things on a daily basis that compound to something bigger
  • Managing and leading from your heart, not your head

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