June 19, 2019

Conquering Every Challenge on the Path to Success, with Johnny Wimbrey

Episode 189:

Johnny Wimbrey is an internationally-acclaimed talk show host, motivational speaker, and the bestselling author of From the Hood to Doing Good and co-author of several volumes of Multiple Streams of Inspiration and Conversations on Success. His mantra, “Say Increase!” is repeated all around the world by dedicated and enthusiastic audiences, and his remarkable rags-to-riches story has inspired people from countless countries around the world.

Johnny’s early life consisted of living in a battered women’s shelter with his single mother. He was first exposed to illegal drugs at eight years old, and by the time he was fourteen, he was selling them. However, despite this incredibly difficult childhood, Johnny decided he was meant for a better life. He completely turned his life around and, starting from rock bottom, he was able to build an immensely successful life for himself and others. Today he is a celebrated and inspiring speaker and, along with his wife, founded Wimbrey Worldwide Ministries, a nonprofit organization that has built six schools in Central America and has helped to fund water purification systems to provide clean drinking water for communities in Africa.

Johnny’s life story is one of truly overcoming adversity to achieve greatness, and now he works to share his message that it doesn’t matter what race, religion, background or economic situation, everyone can find true success, wealth and happiness.

As you know, my goal with the Absolute Advantage podcast is to help you become the best leader you can be, to help you create a powerful Ripple Effect that positively impacts those around you, and to inspire you with stories of great leaders who have overcome their own challenges and found true success.

That’s why I’m so delighted to introduce you to Johnny Wimbrey. Johnny is the very definition of a rags-to-riches story; he started life with no advantages and many obstacles, but he was able to turn his life around through optimism, determination, and force of will. Today, he shares his profound story with the goal of inspiring others to realize that they aren’t limited by their surroundings and situation. Johnny is a speaker, author and thought leader who overcame some of life’s most significant difficulties to rise into his own success.

On this episode of Absolute Advantage, Johnny shares his deeply personal story of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness. He lives his life as an example that your past doesn’t dictate where you are going and that you can change the course of your own destiny. He shares how the first step on his journey was personal forgiveness, and he discusses how he managed to change his entire mindset to focus on his potential rather than his limitations. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Johnny Wimbrey and that you are as inspired by his powerful story and the Ripple Effect it has created as I am!

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