February 6, 2019

Clarity and Leadership, with John Murphy

Episode 170:

John Murphy is an expert in leadership development, a podcast host, bestselling author, and renowned mentor and coach. His global clients include giants like Pfizer, Airbus, Great West Life Co., State Street Bank, Vodafone and Johnson & Johnson. He is also the founder and CEO of John Murphy International, a global consulting agency.

John started his career as a door-to-door life insurance salesman, and he rose through the ranks to CEO. At the pinnacle of his executive career, John ultimately decided to make a major life change and left the C-suite, choosing instead to channel his talents into helping other executives reach the top of their potential.

John is the author of the bestselling book 10 Key Traits Of Top Business Leaders, where he walks readers through the most important skills and qualities that all successful business owners use to develop and grow their businesses. He is an expert in teaching the skills needed to lead corporate teams to greatness. He takes pride in sharing his wisdom, strategies and experience with today’s top executives across the globe.


Do you know what really makes a leader? Having an executive title doesn’t necessarily grant you the qualities of a great leader. It’s about the skills, qualities, traits and guidance you bring to your team. It’s about having the passion to lead and the wisdom to recognize and confront new opportunities and challenges. Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a mindset.

John Murphy knows leadership. John has worked with global brands like Pfizer, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson and others, teaching corporate leaders the key traits they need to excel. Rising from door-to-door insurance salesman to CEO, John learned firsthand what it takes to guide a team to greatness. Now he works to coach others on their own journeys to leadership.

In this episode, John shares the qualities he feels are absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to embrace effective leadership. John believes that leadership is a personal journey of self-awareness and learning, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping organizations further their excellence.

John is here to share with you his wisdom, insights, and philosophy of leadership. I hope you’ll find his guidance useful in your own growth and development, so please enjoy our conversation!

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