February 21, 2018

How to Build Your Personal Brand by Being a Podcast Guest, with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Episode 126:

I’m so grateful that you’ve joined me here today. I’m Kelly Hatfield, and as always, my goal is that you’ll walk away from this episode with one strategy, idea, or insight that inspires you to take action in your professional and personal life.

I know you’re going to get that from Jeremy Ryan Slate. Jeremy and I talked about how being a guest on podcasts can really pay off.

Let’s face it: being a regular guest on podcasts is a major time commitment, and as business leaders, we don’t have the time to waste on things that aren’t going to add value to the bottom line.

But podcasts give you access to people’s lives in ways that you’d never have before. Because people listen to podcasts when they’re driving, working out at the gym, etc, they don’t have to be sitting down at their computer in order to find you.

Not only that, but when you make a guest appearance on a podcast, you get access to the host’s built-in audience.

So then, as business owners, we have to ask…if being on someone’s podcast gives us access to more people, how do we monetize being a guest so that it grows our businesses?

Jeremy has a great strategy for that. His business is built around helping entrepreneurs monetize their podcast appearances by creating value and building relationships.

In the episode, you’ll learn how to offer listeners of podcasts value both in your interview and long after it’s complete through strategies like building a value-adding email sequence.

He’s even offering you a checklist for how to be a great guest — absolutely free! Click here to download it.

Being a guest on podcasts is one of many ways to market your business, and Jeremy’s strategy is a great reminder that it’s foolish to go into any of them without a solid plan.

How you are going to add value has to be top of mind in any marketing strategy, and once you’ve added value, you will be able to convert those people into customers.

Thank you for listening today! I appreciate your time so very much.

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