August 22, 2017

Growing People and Ideas, with Jeff McManus

Episode 100:

Jeff McManus grows things. As the Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he grows plants, he grows people, and he grows ideas. Jeff is a problem-solver, understanding that doing more with less is a 21st-century mandate. Faced with a multi-million dollar landscaping beautification project, a demand for excellence, high productivity, and with a stagnant budget, Jeff knew that growing the people was critical to growing the plants. Understanding that all humans either have or strive for the innate elements of Greatness, Resiliency, Opportunity, and Wisdom, Jeff developed his GROW-theory into an impactful management and professional development leadership program for his staff.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Finding and attracting passionate people to your organization
  • Using curiosity and research to learn continually
  • Taking ownership of issues and finding resolutions that work
  • Inspiring people to be their best selves every day no matter what they do
  • Hiring strategies that can weed out the wrong people for your organization
  • Lengthening the interview process and utilizing your whole team when hiring
  • Being adaptable and overcoming daily challenges
  • How self-leadership can lead to a productive mindset and healthy habits
  • Effective leadership in the modern workplace

Ways to contact Jeff: