May 16, 2018

Appreciating Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness, with James Swanwick

Episode 138:

How did a pair of “ugly” glasses inspire a successful marketing campaign? James Swanwick, a journalist by training, explains how seeing his friend wearing those glasses gave him the idea to create Swannies Blue Blockers that promote better sleep.

From his time writing for newspapers and magazines and appearing on broadcast media, James Swanwick learned the impact of effective media in getting a message across. He launched his career in his native Australia, gained skills in London, and moved to Los Angeles in 2003. He later co-founded Crocmedia as a media company with connections in Australia and became an anchor and correspondent for ESPN.

In this episode, James Swanwick explains how his early experiences in media gave him the skills to develop solid marketing brands. In recent years, he has developed motivational programs to ensure better sleep, reduce a reliance on alcohol among social drinkers, and encourage others to develop successful habits. He explains how he learned to overcome procrastination through “seemingly impossible deadlines” and why paying for a top-notch mentor can be a sound investment.

James Swanwick reminds us that compromising on your sleep compromises your business and ultimately your relationships, finance, and health. He also explains ways that his 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge benefits health and may offer a competitive edge.

The theme that defines James Swanwick’s discussion is his desire to teach others about “health, wealth, love, and happiness.”

This week’s program has great advice. I hope you enjoy his message.

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