June 13, 2018

Transforming Your Workforce and Creating Phenomenal Products, with Howard Partridge

Episode 142:

How did one L.A. native with only a quarter in his pocket transform his life before gaining international acclaim as a best-selling author and business coach? Howard Partridge grew up poor in L.A. — lower Alabama — one of seven kids in a tiny shack in Mobile. His family on welfare, his mother fed them for $100 a month.

Howard Partridge left home young, arriving in Houston with a quarter in his pocket to begin his life anew. What he lacked in funds, he had in motivation. His first business began in the trunk of his car and became a multimillion-dollar turnkey. Mentored by Zig Ziglar, he later became Ziglar’s exclusive small business owner coach.

In this conversation, Howard Partridge explains why we must turn management theory upside down, re-engage our workers, and assure that recognition of their efforts regularly occurs. Three keys must be remembered:

  • First, when we value people with support, they will value us and support our mission.
  • Second, we must create a culture that encourages workers.
  • Third, we expect accountability, but it needs to permeate all levels of the organization so that employees can also ask management tough questions.

Howard Partridge inspires businesses to create phenomenal products. He transforms corporate organizations by tapping into the human need to connect and feel valued by others.

Take plenty of notes. You will enjoy this episode!

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