June 6, 2018

Bring Your Employees Across the Engagement Bridge, with Glenn Elliott

Episode 141:

Why would a successful entrepreneur rebel against common business practices? As Glenn Elliott explains in this podcast, it is imperative that we rebel against common models and age-old perspectives if we want our company to thrive and our employees to stay engaged.

During his years as a software engineer and in other corporate settings, Glenn Elliott witnessed more than his share of employee disengagement in the workplace. Knowing that miscommunication breeds mistrust, he founded Reward Gateway in 2006 with a plan to restore engagement among those working in the financial services industry. He stepped down as CEO there in 2017 and currently consults and motivates businesses on ways to bring enthusiasm to the workplace.

In this conversation, Glenn Elliott reminds us that engaged employees spend less time distracted, make better decisions, and frequently are a source for innovation.

Glenn Elliott believes managers should be connected, humble, and honest to those who report to them. This principle should also apply to other units that have a direct impact on employees. As an example, he also discusses the challenges that many human resources departments face when tough HR decisions have to be made with lawyerly precision. We need to restore the human touch.

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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