December 6, 2016

Work Hard — Play Hard, with Geoff Tamble

Episode 35:

Geoff Tamble is Project Manager and Principal at The Blueline Group, an award-winning first choice for developers, builders, architects, property owners, and municipalities who need civil engineering and land use planning services throughout Washington State.

Blueline was founded in 2003 by Brian Darrow, PE; Todd Oberg, PE, LEED AP; and Geoff Tamble, PE; with the belief that superior engineering and planning services could be achieved with a more enjoyable process for all by focusing on employees first. The ability to contribute to the community whenever possible was also important and a portion of profits have been dedicated to supporting charities and events from day one. Three years later, Ken Lauzen, PE, joined the ranks of Principal bringing the senior management team to four.

Today, more than 90% of their clients are repeats or referrals…a testament to client satisfaction.

Geoff has been part of a joint leadership strategy that helped Blueline Group earn several awards:

  • Top 50/100 fastest growing companies in WA in 2007, ‘08, ‘13, ‘14, and ‘15 by Puget Sound Business Journal (50-Bellevue Eastside and 100-Statewide).
  • Best Company to work for in 2007 (2nd) and 2008 (5th) as rated by WA CEO Magazine.
  • Top 50 Best Company to work for in WA in 2008 as rated by Puget Sound Business Journal.
  • Top 25 Best Engineering Company to work for in 2008 in the Nation as rated by CE News Magazine.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Geoff’s background and what led him to start Blueline
  • Why you should write your business plan like you’re writing a prenup
  • What Geoff learned from being coached by legendary college football coach Don James
  • What Geoff and the Blueline team learned that helped them focus their website
  • Why you employees need to fit in your culture
  • Blueline’s “work hard, play hard” culture
  • Why you need to invest in your employees — and how Blueline does this
  • Why Blueline is extremely flexible with their employees
  • What “A Players” look like to Geoff
  • The political skills Blueline employees need to navigate the tricky waters of the engineering industry
  • What Blueline’s relaxed interviewed process looks like
  • How Blueline keeps their employees
  • Why Seattle is going to be great job security for Blueline

Ways to contact Geoff: