October 2, 2019

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself, with Erik Salzenstein

Episode 204:

Erik Salzenstein’s story is one that truly shows the power of change and what’s possible. From greed and addiction to purpose and fulfillment. Erik found himself facing life in prison, with his back against the wall where he finally had to face his worst enemy up until that point…himself.

What stands out that he had to go to prison to find freedom and realized he was in his own prison long before actually being behind bars. He then went on to spend 4 years relentlessly pursuing personal growth, coaching, speaking, running workshops and even being published in a newspaper all while in prison. He developed a 4 step process using the acronym ROCK that allowed him to tap into his full potential and develop the ROCK solid foundation needed to transform and build his life on. He’s since used this process with much success to his clients lives.

Erik is a powerful and sought out speaker and transformational coach who shares his signature talk “From Prison to Prosperity” and takes people through his ROCK process and helps them break free from the constructs of their own prison.

Erik Salzenstein was facing life in prison at just 23 years old, but as his freedom was being ripped away, Erik realized that he was never free in the first place. None of his decisions were made in a heightened state of mind because fear, doubt, and insecurity fueled his M.O. The deeper he crawled into that hole, the higher the stakes became, and Erik finally realized that to grow as a human being, he had to believe that he could achieve something more.

At that point, he was able to embark on a journey of personal transformation, bringing as many others as he could along with him. By tapping into his own experience of self-discovery, Erik could help others step into their greater selves by making choices that align with their core values and beliefs.

In this episode of the Absolute Advantage podcast, Erik Salzenstein joins host Kelly Hatfield to share his story and talk about helping people understand who they really are so they can make decisions that embody the best version of that. Click here to listen to the episode, and make sure to visit www.absoluteadvantagepodcast.com for more content that inspires, encourages and helps you grow and make an impact QUICKLY both professionally and personally.

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