May 11, 2017

The Huge Impact of Video on Your Business, with Eric Miller

Episode 77:

Eric Miller grew up in Everett, WA. When he was 6 he was diagnosed with a serious case of ecoli-0157, and through that experience became very close with his pediatrician and the process of medicine. From then, Eric became obsessed with the human body and how using science, testing, and insight can cure illnesses. He set his sights on becoming a doctor.

Fast-forward 12 years, Eric went to University of Washington to pursue a career in medicine. He made it through the Pre-Med undergrad curriculum with a degree in Medical Anthropology & Global Health. During that time, he was working for the eye-bank as a tissue harvesting as well as volunteering in a research lab gaining the experience he needed for the next step: Medical School.

However, as much as his brain loved science and systems, it was also equally creative and imaginative. Art has always been a huge part of Eric’s life, so when he picked up a video camera in high school, that unknowingly put the rest of his life’s plans of becoming a doctor in somewhat of an existential crisis. While pursuing his degree, Eric would film snowboarding, music videos, weddings, and short films. What started as a hobby turned into a burning passion. So when Eric graduated college, he made the difficult decision to put Med School on hold for one year, to see where video could take him.

It’s been 6 years since, and he hasn’t looked back. Vidbotz is a culmination of his science and art background — systematizing the production process, much like the scientific method.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • When to take the leap of faith in starting a business like Eric did with Vidbotz
  • Lessons that Eric’s learned in the early stage of his startup like boosting productivity by blocking time on the calendar
  • Being mindful of who you are today vs who you want to be tomorrow
  • A great resource for getting free mentorship from seasoned business veterans
  • Collaboration, communication, systemization, and delegation: how to exploit the power of people and technology to make your business efficient
  • Why video is so essential for both your marketing efforts and internally
  • How Vidbotz strips away the complexity for their customers so they don’t have to worry about the technological challenges of video
  • The importance of regularly checking yourself on being the best you can be
  • Not falling trap to the sunk cost fallacy
  • Networking strategies that the young entrepreneur needs to know

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