March 13, 2019

Energy, Influence and Leadership, with Elise Auxier

Episode 175:

Elise Auxier is an expert in leadership development. Elise helps her clients transform their limiting beliefs, reduce stress and gain clarity, and channel their passion and energy into their work in powerful new ways.

Elise is the owner of Gulfcoast Coaching and an International Coach Federation-certified professional executive and life coach. Elise is a certified master practitioner of the “Energy Leadership Index”, which she uses to help her clients better understand themselves and how their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs either enhance or detract from their leadership abilities.

Elise believes that when we are under stress, we feel powerless and lethargic or angry and trapped in conflict. These emotions can follow us into our roles as leaders… if we allow these thoughts to dominate our behavior. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. If we take the time to understand ourselves and where we are in the “seven levels of energy”, we can reframe our stress into a more positive thought process that can aid us in our roles as leaders rather than limit us.


We all have stressful periods of our lives. Stress, in addition to its many well-documented effects on our health and wellbeing, can also reduce our energy levels. As business leaders, the last thing we need is a reduction in energy. But when we are feeling overwhelmed, what can we really do about it?

Elise Auxier has the solution. Elise is a life coach and expert in executive development, and she believes that we can learn to control our energy levels by deliberate internal awareness and action. We can reframe those stressors into positive motivators instead of anchors weighing us down. And as leaders, we can do the same for our team… if we know how to empower and support them.

In this episode, Elise shares the seven levels of energy that we move between throughout our day, and she explains how we can learn to control our thoughts to keep ourselves in the more productive higher levels, rather than being mired in powerlessness or anger over our frustrations. The energy we bring to our roles as leaders is critically important to our effectiveness, and another cup of coffee isn’t the solution when our energy levels begin waning.

You know how powerful the ripple effect can be, so it is incredibly important to break out of your old patterns and thought processes and bring high-energy focus to your interactions with your team. Listen to the episode and learn how to energize yourself and everyone around you!

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